Stage Confidence & Public Speaking Workshops

Are you looking  for a fun & fascinating online workshop 

your students will rave about ?  

 Speaking in public is challenging for most people, but especially for students.


In this unique workshop, Jack will teach your students impressive magic tricks, but more importantly,
he will share 
the "real secrets" to public speaking garnered from twenty years experience. 

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to overcome stage fright and why it happens to you in the first place.


  • Two amazing mind reading tricks your students can perform for any size group, along with a selection
    of other stunning magic tricks they can perform for friends and family.


  • Increase your likability quotient with eye contact, body language, and the “ 20 second rule”.

  • Misdirection, the Magicians’ psychological “secret weapon”. What it is and how you can use it.  


  • Practicalities to ensure success no matter what your students choose to present!

  • How to properly use any kind of microphone such as handheld, lapel, headset or podium mounted.


  • The vital checklist and how to handle any disaster during a presentation.


  • Finding your talent, daring to perform it & expressing yourself on stage.

Important information.

Class size is not a problem - there are no number limitations on the booking.

As part of our child protection policy, a member of staff must be online throughout the workshop.

This workshop has received Arts Council support under the professional development award 2020. 

As part of the workshop, all students and staff receive our magic instructional video (normally priced at €29.99)

 See product page for details.





For more details or to book a show drop us a quick mail - 

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