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Learn Jawdropping Mindreading and Magic Tricks 

Learn Magic Tricks
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On this video, Jack Wise will teach you amazing magic tricks to freak out your friends and family. 

All of the tricks use everyday objects so you’ll be ready to freak people out ..anytime, anywhere!

So what are you waiting for... amazing secrets are just a click away.  Buy this video now before The Magic Circle close this site down! 

Downloadable video  €19.95 

Do you want to con your friends? $$$


Picture this... Your friend picks a playing card - the 9 of spades. You take another card out of your wallet and bet them that it's exactly half the value of their card.

With the the nine of spades they will obviously bet heavily.
You then turn over your card showing them it's the 4 1/2 of spades and gather up the winnings. ;-)

You get 3 casino quality custom printed 4 1/2 spades playing cards along with an instructional video in which Jack teaches you three simple surefire techniques (called forces) to make your friend pick the 9 of spades every time, guaranteeing you get the money everytime!

Posted anywhere in the world €19.95     

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